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All services at are oriented to the zero-inventory business model. The services of production, distribution, on-demand and the landing web promote stock solutions and improve reader connections. Working on-demand allows having copies easily way. Currently, the services are operational in Europe, Latin America the USA, printing in place, connecting with bookstores, and allowing them to sell online under local currency and logistics in each country. Working on-demand is an effective solution that brings bigger benefits to the editors both in the short and large term. The on-demand concept is a strategy that could be implemented for any Editorial as a permanent solution since the world is changing, and the consumption ways are no longer what they were years ago. The present society lives involved in a fast life manner and the books are the same impacts with a short period of time to be delivered.

What are the benefits of working with Myprintedbook?

To be part of the platform allows you to boost a Publishing project without risks and with guaranteed sales all the time. Thus, publishers can continue to create and promote their publishing business fully and successfully. Thanks to the platform, publishers can access:

Online Estimates
  • Online Estimates: you can know the price of your order in only seconds, a closed budget without surprises.
Orders for multiple addresses simultaneously
  • Orders for multiple addresses simultaneously: The Myprintedbook platform allows you to enter several production lines in the same order that will reach different places.
Stock 0
  • Stock 0: Everything that occurs is because it has been previously requested or because there are good forecasts. Working without inventory is a way to reduce warehousing costs and increase labor productivity.
Management of the publishing catalog
  • Management of the publishing catalog: The publisher will be able to store his catalog in the Myprintedbook system and place production orders whenever he needs it. Thus, the stock is prevented from breaking and it is managed to keep its course. The publisher can send production orders in any country where he needs to deliver his books and distribute his books throughout Europe, Latin America and the USA. You can also promote projects on demand and implement the web landing service to reach your readers not only physically, but also online.
Books always available
  • Books always available: The book will have a long life, since it will not be necessary to decide which ones are and which ones are not. Now publishers can count on a catalog with infinite life if they wish. Thanks to the on-demand distribution service, publishers stop checking their backlist.
  • Promotion: Thanks to the publishing-on-demand business model, publishers can focus their efforts on building a solid marketing strategy that allows them to reach new readers.
Ecommerce extension
  • Ecommerce extension: Myprintedbook creates an effective solution for publishers to have a national and international store. Selling anywhere the book is in demand is possible. Currently a site is created automatically with the possibility of customizing, in addition the editor has great benefits on a monthly basis.
New sales channels
  • New sales channels: Myprintedbook is in constant motion, it is an open platform that allows new partners to join, which makes it easier for international coverage to grow.
Shipping all over the world
  • Shipping all over the world: We print books in the USA and ship wherever you need, we have extensive experience in logistics, the publishing catalog has no borders.

Why should your publisher work on demand?

Working on demand is to start walking by leaps and bounds, it is to automate the entire project and improve the organization. On demand is a much broader concept than printing, distributing or selling. On-demand goes further, it is a global solution that drives the digitization of the entire project and improves production, commercial, creative and advertising processes. Finally, all areas can be connected in a real way and move towards the same goal: the sale of books.